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Kylie Jenners focuses on strong branding & search engine optimization for high profile celebrities. We are the experts you seek for fast branding across the internet.

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Kylie Jenners is a full-service top notch high-end digital agency based in Chicago, Illinois just 20 minutes north of Downtown. Due to our location and high-end work ethic, we tend to have celebrities of all types contacting us to develop their celebrity website. We’ve worked with anyone from billionaire business entrepreneurs to movie & television celebrities, producers, and directors. If you’re a celebrity or the assistant, publicist or manager of a celebrity, we’re a great company for you to talk to about your celebrity web design needs. Our web designers are in-house and very confidential. Confidentiality is key in working with celebrity brands. Our web designers build all celebrity websites upon the WordPress platform and use elements of Flash and streaming video as needed.

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